The difference between slashing and flail (mulching) mowing

The good old slasher has its place. If you’re not interested in getting the best job possible and don’t care too much about your property and just need the grass shortened at any cost, then slashing might just be what you’re looking for.

But, if you’re looking for a superior finish and a range of other benefits (see below) then flail mowing is miles ahead. Here’s the thing…

Slashing is old-school technology. You’re left with windrows and huge clumps of grass lying around. It’s ugly and unless you don’t care, it’s not really the best thing to make your property shine.

Flail mowing (also known as mulching) is better technology. There’s no windrows and because the grass is mulched up into smaller pieces the finished job isn’t an eyesore. The best way to demonstrate this is with some images.

flail mowing sunshine coast

The grass on the left was previously slashed. You can see huge clumps of cut grass that’s ugly and causes all sorts of issues for regeneration.


flail mowing palmwoods

The grass on the right has been mulched with our flail mower. There are no windrows and the finish is awesome – as close to a lawn finish you’ll get on a first cut.


More info on flail mowing

We have searched all over the world to find the best machines for our business. We’re called Extreme Mowing and we wanted the tools that represented our brand perfectly. While there’s nothing wrong with most other machines (they all have a job they can do), nothing compares to our AGT Tractor and flail mower. It has some distinct advantages over almost all typical tractor/slashing set ups.

flail mowing contractors sunshine coast

Our AGT Tractor with outfront fail represents some of the best grass cutting technology you’ll find.


The out-front fail means the tractor is not running over the grass (and flattening it). And because the driver is looking forwards, and not behind (like you do with a pull behind slasher) it means the driver has better visibility and can be more precise with his driving. It also ensures the driver is able to get into hard to reach areas with much better confidence and accuracy. All this equals less fatigue, faster mowing time, less cost to the client and a way better job.

The flail mulches the grass into a much smaller particle. This aides in regeneration (more readily broken down and absorbed back into the ground) and looks much better. And because the mulch is spread evenly, there are no awful windrows to worry about.

Please note: Windrows are a nuisance. They look terrible and if not removed will cause dead patches and unsightly brown patches on your paddock.

And another thing. Our tractor has a special hydraulic load sharing function where the weight of the flail mulcher (it weighs over 500kg) is entirely supported by the main body of the tractor. This greatly aides in stability and maneuverability. Tractors that don’t have this load sharing ability are more likely to leave wheel marks and often need to drive over the same ground repeatedly.

And it gets even better. This hydraulic function ensures the flail mower “hovers” over the ground. There’s less chance of scalping and the mulcher is able to ride the bumps and hollows that present at almost every paddock on the Sunshine Coast.

The bottom line is a vastly superior cut in the least amount of time. So, if you’ve tried slashing and don’t want all the issues that have been discussed above and you want the best finish possible for your paddock, then give us a call today. You can reach Andrew directly on, 0490 045 805 or fill in the form on this page. Almost always we’ll answer the phone right away and can arrange a site inspection the same day (it’s not always possible but we do our best).

And if you’re not yet convinced we’re happy to do a demonstration at your place to show you just how impressive our flail and tractor set up really is. Some conditions apply.

Please call us today to get the flail advantage.

P.S. Forgot to mention that our tractor can go almost anywhere. It is made for steep and rough ground. It’s rated for 35 degrees sideways (this is very steep) and we’ve hardly found a property that we can tame.

P.P.S. The flail will tackle woody weeds and saplings up to 6cms in diameter. It’s perfect for lantana removal and/or property clean ups