Rough mowing jobs

We’ve had our new machine for a few months now and it’s kicking goals. There’s almost nothing it can’t do and we keep surprising us (and our clients) on where it goes and what we can mow.

Here are just some of what we’ve been able to do:

Long grass

Long grass

Lantana eradication

Lantana eradication

Acreage mowing - flail mowing

Acreage mowing – flail mowing

Extreme Mowing

Super steep land clearing – note the front wheels off the ground

Extreme Mowing

Drain and gutter mowing

Extreme Mowing Services

Stupid steep – this terrain was over 50 degrees

Extreme Mowing Sunshine Coast

Jungle bashing with lantana

Extreme Mowing QLD

Thick, wet and really nasty grass mowing/flailing

Steep mowing services

Embankment mowing

Extreme Mowing

Mulching services

If you need mowing or any sort of the above done on your property, then we reckon we’re the team for the job. Give Cameron a call on 0490 045 805 today and we’ll pop over and give you a free quote.