Property Maintenance Eudlo

Andrew and his team were at it again last week, this time with a property maintenance job in Eudlo.

The client has an amazing property, but like a lot of busy people, the maintenance had gotten away from them. The main paddock hadn’t been cut in over a year and the place just needed a general tidy up.

We used our All-terrain mower, Kubota BX mower and an assortment of brush cutters and chainsaws. The highlight of this job was the mowing. The paddock was very steep in places and we thought it was going to take all day to complete. Previously, the owner got a guy to trim the entire area and believe this took the best part of 12-15 hours of work. Andrew and Cameron had the job finished in around 3 hours.

The machines handled the steep slopes and thick grass no problem. The before and after pics speak for themselves.




Almost finished


After – see below for the before shot


A much more user friendly paddock


Before – see above for the after shot


Some very rough ground


Yuck! Not a very nice paddock


Before, you can see the difference with the newly mown grass on the right hand side


Andrew getting into it with our All terrain mower

We are getting more and more of these clean up jobs. Maintaining acreage can be time consuming and unless you have the right tools for the job it can even be dangerous. If you’re on acreage and your property has gotten away from you, then we’d be more than happy to help out…

… we’ve got the team and the tools to tackle almost anything. Please contact us today to get your property maintained by the experts.