Property Clean Up Palmwoods

Extreme Mowing is all about helping you maintain your property and keeping it in tip top shape. Along our journey we started life as acreage mowing, with a special slant (pardon the pun) for steep and rough terrain.

This year we’ve added property maintenance to our bow. In fact, there are many residents on the Sunshine Coast who need our service. Take John…

He went away on holiday for 5 months, and because he was busy and had better things to be worrying about, he forgot about his garden. When he got back home he was horrified to see how out of control his garden had gotten. All this in the non growing season of winter!

This type of work is easy for us. We have all the tool and the team to get the job done fast. On this Palmwoods property we gave the grass a mow, weeded and sprayed, trimmed back all the hedges and got to work with a brush cutter. Andrew also had some fun and games with a nasty vine that had tangled itself into the nice trees. To finish things off we took a trip to the tip to discard the green waste and after a few hours the place was like new again.

Walking around with John when we were finished he said, “I don’t recognise the place. I’m glad I got you guys in because this would have taken a week!”

Here’s the thing: Unless you’ve got the right tools for the job and the expertise, not to mention the spare time, a clean up job like this can take you forever. It’s hard work and most of our clients have better things to be doing. Here are some before and after pictures of this little house in Palmwoods.

Before - yuck!

Before – yuck!


After - much better

After – much better

A nice new lawn

A nice new lawn

If you’re selling your property or things have gotten a little out of control, please contact Extreme Mowing for an EXTREME garden makeover. Pricing starts at $200.