Property clean up Ilkley

The boys have just completed a nice little job on Wilson Road, Ilkley.

The owner, due to some health issues, had let the property get away from him. This is no biggie and we hear this kind of thing all the time. In fact, if your property has become overgrown then why bother with the struggle and inconvenience of doing it yourself? It’s much easier to get us to do it because we have the right equipment and the people for the job.

And, it might just cost a whole lot less than you think to do your clean up. Why?

Because almost always we’ll send two me who can operate two machines. In this Ilkley clean up this is exactly what we did. If a single operator/contractor were to attempt this job it would take all day. It would be a tough day at the office for him and you’d have to put up with the noise and hassle of having someone at your property all day. Not in this case.

We were in and out in 3 hours. It’s not bad considering the property size was over an acre and some areas were extremely overgrown. The client was very happy with the end result and we’re sure had a pleasant surprise when he received the invoice – a lot less than he was expecting. He was so pleased he has booked us to come back again next week and do some tree removing.

Our main job was to mow the overgrown grass and cut back the extreme overgrowth on his back fence line (the end result made his backyard look huge!). We also did some tree chopping and finished off with some brush cutting.

Please check out some of the pictures we took at this Ilkley property.










After – now time to tackle the thick stuff!


Andrew is in there somewhere!


There he is!


After. The backyard looks so much bigger and better now.



If your property needs a tidy up we’d love to help you out. As discussed, we almost always can send two me and two machines so the job will be completed quickly and for a lot less. We can do all sorts of clearing and mowing jobs and can even remove the rubbish if need be. Contact us for more information or call directly on 0490 045 805