Paddock Maintenance

More and more of our work involves paddock maintenance. We’re not sure if people are just too busy or simply don’t have the equipment to keep their property in perfect order. The answer is perhaps a combination of the two.

Whatever! We don’t mind. Paddock maintenance is some of our favourite work because typically the terrain isn’t too difficult and it’s quite clean – not too many rocks and other debris. All this makes it straightforward to do a great job in the least amount of time.

Take this recent job we completed in Eudlo.

The paddock was completely overgrown – it hadn’t been mown for many years – and was in desperate need for some love. To be honest, it was some of the longest paddock grass we’ve seen this year.

Never fear when the Extreme Mowing team are here. The client thought the paddock would take an hour to mow – a fair estimate considering the length (and thickness) of the grass. Our top-of-the-range mower was able to complete the job in 40 minutes without any issue. The before and after pics tell the complete story.

paddock maintenance on the sunshine coast

The before shot. It’s hard to imagine a paddock being any more overgrown than this one. Our driver said he had no visibility and wasn’t sure he’d be able to complete the job.


paddock maintenance

The after shot. The difference is stunning. This paddock is now ready for cattle or some other activity. Give this another mow or two and you could play a game of cricket on it…


This client was very happy and is now keen to get us back help with some other problems around their property.

If your paddock or property has gotten a little hairy then give the boys at Extreme Mowing a call. Our best number is 0490 045 805 and you’ll most likely speak with Andrew. He’ll be happy to pop over to give a quote and help you get your paddock back into better shape.