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Get your property maintenance back under control with Extreme Mowing

Rough terrain specialists. Steep, overgrown and acreage mowing is our thing. We also aren't scared of the odd rock. We can do the job that others can't or won't do...

  • Specialised machines that can tackle rough and steep country
  • Local service - based on the Sunshine Coast
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Property clean ups

Here's some more information about my mowing service

If you live on acreage, have steep terrain or your property is overgrown, then this will be the most important message you'll see this year. And here's why...

booner-headshotMy name is Andrew Siddins and I live on an acreage property at Eudlo. My background is finance and stockbroking but I've always had a love of the outdoors. To be honest, office life didn't sit too well with me.

I've moved around a lot. I've lived in London, Florida and Sydney but have settled on the Sunshine Coast with my wife and our children. We love it here and we're not moving again!

My sister moved here a few years ago and along with her hubby have purchased 10 acres. My brother-in-law is a city slicker - he's useless at maintenance and gardening and mowing. So I've been in charge of keeping their property in shape too.

Why am I telling you this? This letter is way of introduction for my new business. I've moved away from banking and am now in the mowing business.

My business is called Extreme Mowing and it's a bit different from all those other landscape/home maintenance businesses you've seen before.

The biggest difference is I'm set up to tackle the difficult jobs. Steep blocks, overgrown properties and acreage mowing is my thing.

There's no doubt you can do these kind of jobs with regular ride-on-mowers but I wouldn't risk it.

It's dangerous and the typical mower isn't cut out for it. It's just not worth injuring yourself if you ask me.

I've also invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, I've spent over $89,245 on my mowing kit. I wanted to make sure I look professional and have the right equipment on-hand to do the very best job.

My mowing kit that is set up for some extreme mowing...

Just some of my mowing kit...

This ensures your mowing job is completed quickly and efficiently but most importantly safely. I'm a stickler for safety regulations and have created a complete safety procedure guideline that I and my staff adhere to.

I don't stuff about. I don't waste time. But I don't take unnecessary risks either.

Why should you choose me?

In most cases I can halve the amount of time it usually takes to mow your lawn - so you're NOT paying for contractors who use clapped out equipment which slows them down. Here's the thing:

If a single contractor on a normal acreage job will take 6 hours @ $80 per hour then you're up for $480.

But with Extreme Mowing we use two men and two ideally suited machines (I have a entire fleet of machines so we can get the perfect vehicles to suit your job). And almost always we can more than halve the time it takes to mow your property.

Our standard rate is $120 per hour (plus GST) so in this instance we'll take no more than 3 hours (and most likely less) so your cost is going to be no more than $360 (plus GST)

Already you've saved $120 and it has taken less time so there's way less inconvenience for you.

My specialty is definitely acreage mowing. I have the team and equipment in place to look after block sizes ranging from 1 acre right up to 20+. Here's just some of what I do.

- acreage mowing
- flail mowing
- brush cutting
- chainsaw work
- hedge trimming
- steep and difficult blocks a specialty (with our without rocks)
- lantana removal (complete eradication)
- rubbish removal
- pasture management
- extreme garden clean ups (ideal if you're selling)

Extreme Mowing was started because I love spending time outdoors and keeping fit. And I'm serious about providing a "proper" service. I've found that there's definitely a lack of guys who can do this kind of mowing on the Sunshine Coast, so it's my hope I can fill this void.

If you're keen to off load your difficult mowing job then I'd like to talk to you. I reckon I'm the perfect man for the job.

Give me a call on 0490 045 805 and I'll pop over and give you a no fuss quote right away. I service the entire Sunshine Coast and I'm not afraid of traveling. Give me a call today, I'd love to help you.

Or use the button below to contact me online - ideal if it's out of hours.

Feel free to browse the website because my useless brother-in-law is good with computers and I have him update it regularly with case studies of what we can do.

Be safe and happy mowing,

Andrew Siddins

P.S If you're wondering about insurance then please don't worry. My team and I are fully insured (for $10,000,000).

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