Maleny Acreage Mowing

It’s funny how things work out. Andrew was filling up the ute in Maleny the other day when he was approached by Peter.

“Hi mate. I think I need your help. I have a steep block and I need some mowing done. But I’m not sure you’ll be able to get your vehicles into my property”

“Let’s go have a look”, was Andrew’s reply.

Peter only lived a few minutes down the road, just through the township of Maleny, on a beautiful property. He certainly had some steep ground, and the access road was pretty rough, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.

He wanted his cow paddocks to be cleaned up, ready for growing season. While they weren’t overgrown or too nasty, Peter wanted the weeds gone and the paddocks given a clean up so his cows could have the very best feed. And with the recent rain, his timing was perfect.

It’s hard to describe how stunning this property is. I’ve added some photos below and even these probably don’t do it justice. Just amazing views and a great place to spend a few days.


This was the view that greeted us on the first morning of this job



Acreage Mowing Maleny

A beautiful paddock freshly cut


Acreage mowing North Maleny

Another stunning view of this property


Mowing services Maleny

Maleny: Another freshly mown paddock


Maleny steep terrain mowing

The rolling hills provided the perfect playground for our acreage mowing services


Rough terrain mowing services Maleny

Before: This is a sample of what the paddocks looked like before we got to work


Maleny mowing

A beautiful view and a perfectly cut paddock


Maleny acreage mowing contractors

This paddock is ready to go for some hungry cows


Maleny mowing contractor

Andrew just finishing off the last of the paddocks…


Steep mowing services

We did have some fun and games getting out of his property, but nothing we couldn’t handle


The highlight of the entire two days might have been when we were leaving. As we neared the main house we were greeted by all the cows. They certainly seemed interested in our machines and were probably thankful that we got their paddocks in order.


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