Lantana Weed Removal Sunshine Coast

Lantana Weed is horrible stuff. It is recognised as a Weed of National Significance because of the negative impact it causes on primary industry, conservation and biodiversity. Lantana is just a pain in the bum. It’s an ugly weed that can quickly take over your property quickly if you don’t keep on top of it.

At Extreme Mowing we like to think of ourselves as lantana eradication experts. We hate the stuff and do everything in our power to make sure lantana isn’t an issue for you.

Our specialty is steep and nasty terrain and we’ve learned that this is just the ground that lantana thrives in. Unfortunately for this nasty weed we have special equipment that destroys it. In most cases we come in and mulch it down so it can’t regrow.

In really steep areas the lantana can be removed by hand. Once we’ve removed the offending weed this is the time to spray. Please check out the images below to get an idea of how amazing a lantana free zone can become. We’ve had client after client in disbelief at opening up paddocks and getting the use of their land back. One the lantana has been removed you’ll be more likely to grow grass and use your land:

lantana removal sunshine coast

Getting there. So much lantana removed and the space has been completely opened up

lantana weed removal sunshine coast

Completely overgrown with that awful lantana weed. This part of the block was impenetrable

Lantana control sunshine coast

Where has all the lantana gone? Our little machine has mulched the lot. This block is now much more usable.

lantana removal

Andrew is so good at removing lantana weed that he thinks it’s funny

lantana clearing sunshine coast

The finished block. This is now a brand new space that will allow grass to grow and adds value to the property.


Frequently asked questions about lantana weed:

Should we spray it?
A: We recommend spraying after we have mulched and obliterated it. This way you have easier access and you won’t have all the dead lantana lying around.

When is the best time to get it removed?
A: We prefer during the colder, non growing months. It’s far easier at this time and you also give the grass and other plants time to recover. It’s also our least busiest time so our availability is better.

How much does it cost?
A: All block sizes are different. We quote on a job per job basis and in almost all cases give you a flat rate for removal.

Can you remove the lantana completely and take mulch to tip?
A: Yes. This service can be done for you and factored into the price

Please contact us is lantana is a problem on your property and you’re ready to do something about it.