Lantana Removal Cooroy

Here’s some serious lantana removal. This time we were on a property out on Lake MacDonald drive, Cooroy.

The property has stunning views of Lake MacDonald but there was one serious issue…

The western side of the black was once an old pine tree plantation. With the pine trees long gone and the area not receiving too much love over the last five years, the area was fairly rugged…

… lots of regrowth and plenty of lantana. And the biggest issues were the tree stumps! At every turn we’d hit a stump. There seemed to be no regular pattern and most of the stumps were hidden by the long grass or the lantana growth. We spent a full day here and made a huge difference by the end of it.

Our specialised lantana removing machine did a great job and it looks like we’ll be back to tackle the rest of the 8 acres. Check out the video below and extra pics below to see more of what we got up to…



Some serious lantana removal



No matter how thick the lantana, our specialised machine and flail can power through it



Making some serious progress here.



Our flail mower pulverises the lantana and opens up this once useless land…

If lantana (or any other weed or regrowth) is an issue on your property, then give us a call on 0490 045 805 and we’ll come and give you a free quote. We have a range of machines that can clear the land and help you regain your property once again.