Our $100 Time Guarantee

Our lawyer made us create this page. When we set out to provide an excellent mowing service and guarantee that we'll turn up on time, we didn't think it was too big an issue. But, it makes some people nervous, especially our lawyer and accountant.

Also, it appears some people have tried to take advantage of the guarantee to earn themselves $100. Here are the term and conditions of our $100 on time guarantee.
1. We allow ourselves a 15 minute grace period to get to you premises. This little window helps negate any circumstances outside of our control - e.g. bad weather conditions, traffic or breakdowns.
E.G. If we are booked to turn up at 9am, we allow ourselves until 9.15am before the guarantee will be paid.
2. In the event of poor weather we may cancel your job. This means that the $100 guarantee has been voided for this day. In almost all cases we'll contact you to notify you of cancellations.
3. The $100 guarantee isn't a FREE mowing service. You still are required to pay for your mowing/gardening services.
4. The $100 can be taken as a credit on future work or you can receive a cash sum. The choice is yours.
5. All time is Queensland time. We work off our mobile phone (Telstra) to determine the exact time. Please allow a +- 2 minute variation between mobile phones.
6. We reserve the right to change our conditions of this guarantee at any time.