Embankment mowing

Keeping embankments, retaining walls and those really steep slopes around your home in order can be a real pain the bum. They can be really steep (obviously) but they can also have lots of rocks and other nasty obstacles that can cause you to come unstuck.

At Extreme Mowing we’ve got you covered. Stop risking serious injury (or worse) and leave your poor little ride-on for easier (flatter) jobs. If you’ve got an embankment or otherwise that needs some cleaning up, then give us a call and we’ll come out and get you sorted.

You think we can’t mow yours because it’s too steep and dangerous? That could be the case but …

… we’ve got a range of machines and expertise that can tackle almost any job safely. It’s rare that we have to say no.

Here are some images of some recent embankment jobs we’ve done.


This embankment was really steep and really really long!!!


This grass was thick and nasty!


The client was really happy with the finished job. So were the neighbours.