Conditions of Service

Sunshine Coast Mowing Group P/L (trading as Extreme Mowing)  Terms and Conditions of Service

Payment: Payment terms are on completion of the service(s) rendered unless prior arrangements have been made. You'll receive an invoice on completion where you'll find bank, phone and postal details.

We may ask for a deposit before starting any work.

GST: All pricing is subject to GST. In most cases, all listed prices are exclusive of GST and GST needs to be added to get the final price.

Estimates of Time: Any estimates of time given to complete work are just that, an estimate. We make no guarantee on how long it will take to complete specific tasks. Any estimate is done in good faith and given on information provided at the time.

Further, we appreciate you (or another contractor) may be able to complete a specific job in a certain time. However, we do not acknowledge, or work to these said times. All work is completed to the best of our ability, and take as long as they take. We do not rush, or work to any unverified timing schedule.

Safety: Safety is our highest priority. Due to the nature of our work we MUST take care and ensure the terrain is safe before proceeding with services. This can take extra time and the client, by engaging our services, understands the importance of this. Any time taken here is part of hourly rate or service fee.

The driver may, before commencing any work, do any of the following,

  • walk the block to locate trouble spots
  • ask owner for specifics of terrain
  • refuse to mow/operate on dangerous ground

Damages: We take all care but accept to responsibility for any of the following damages,

  • Trees or branches
  • Tanks
  • Shrubs, saplings
  • Broken or damaged windows (or any other object) due to stone damage
  • Any irrigation fitting or part
  • Any item lying on the ground
  • Play equipment

It is recommended that the client remove any potential problem issue from our mowing path before we arrive to commence work. If these items can't be removed, then it is recommended, especially if in long grass, the client highlights these items in some way.

Further, the client, by engaging our services, acknowledges that due to the nature of our work and terrain we work in, that damages are a possibility. The client acknowledges that the Sunshine Coast Mowing Group P/L are not liable for these damages and accepts no responsibility.

Mowing Lines: We take pride in our work but need to make it clear that we can't always mow all areas. These areas include,

  • Fence lines - we keep away from fences, leaving approximately 50cms between us and any fence.
  • Tree lines - were possible and depending on the machine used, we keep away from tree lines.
  • Rubbish on ground - unless otherwise arranged, we do not pick up and remove rubbish/item/property from the ground. This is the client's responsibility.

Please note: We take no responsibility whatsoever for damage done to items that have been left on the ground and are on, or in close proximity to mowing lines.

Guarantee: We like to under promise and then over-deliver. Unfortunately, sometimes our best efforts are not always enough. Some clients have an overly high expectation of what we can do. Although we use top-of-range equipment and have skilled workers, we are not miracle workers.

Due to the rough terrain and the high length of grass the finish may not be a "lawn" finish. In these circumstances, a second (or third) cut may be required.

We always do our best to please our clients, but if an unfair or overly high expectation is assumed, then there will be extra costs incurred for our services.

In the unlikely event of us needing to return to the property to finish a poorly completed job, we ask that all unpaid invoices be paid in full prior to completion.