Brush Cutting Services

Whether you call it brush cutting, whipper snippering or trimming, the team at Extreme Mowing have you covered. Here’s the thing…

Sometimes you simply can’t get a mower to do the job. The ground can be too steep, too rough or maybe it’s just inaccessible. In these cases you need to use a brush cutter.

We have a variety of brush cutters, from the standard ones to super heavy duty varieties that can cut the thickest, wettest and strongest grasses/weeds. An expert user can cover a huge amount of ground and oftentimes it can be cheaper than using a mower.

Our latest tools are state of art and can cut through almost anything (lantana, woody weeds, thick and horrible grasses), and all without spitting materials all over the place. These machines are amazing and have cut brushcutting times by about 25% because we’re not stopping to replace the string and we can cut on the first sweep, rather than needing multiple efforts.

Areas where the whipper snipper can be a Godsend:

  • Steep ground
  • Inside retaining walls
  • Embankments
  • Around swimming pools
  • Rocky terrain
  • Driveways
  • Fence lines
brush cutting

brush cutting a driveway with lots of stone and rocks. You just can’t do this with a ride on mower

brush cutting sunshine coast

Extreme brush cutting on a serious slope. In this pic our guy is using only one hand…

If you need any sort of brush cutting or trimming then give the Extreme Mowing team a call. Our best number is 0490 045 805 and we can send one guy in or an entire team if you have some major work.