Bed and breakfast clean up/maintenance

Do you run a bed and breakfast or some sort of accommodation? And are you located on the Sunshine Coast? You are? Great, because we can help you with your property maintenance and help keep your facility looking fantastic.

In most cases you’ve got better things to be doing. Looking after your clients. Finding new customers. Relaxing and living the dream on the coast. Mowing grass, edging, rubbish removal and keeping your gardens in tip top shape can be a real pain. Here’s what we find time after time…

Because we have all the right tools and a team of trained experts, we can maintain your property a lot better than you can. This is in no way meant to be offensive, but it’s what we hear and see all the time.

A local Palmwoods Bed and Breakfast spent the best part of two days mowing their lawns and keeping the place tidy. And because they have some steep land they mowed the dangerous sections with a hand mower. This is just madness!

We came in and were done and dusted in 2 hours. The owners couldn’t believe the amount of work we did in this time. All the lawns were mown. We did all the edging with a brush cutter. And we even cleared some walking paths for them. Two hours versus two days. The choice is easy and it was done for a very good price, so good in fact that these owners have negotiated a repeat price for ongoing…

… the first clean up is always the most time consuming and expensive. Once we’ve got the place cleaned up it’s far quicker and cheaper for us to maintain it.

Contact us today for a free quote! Check out some of the finished images below…

property maintenance palmwoods

Looking clean and tidy. The owners were thrilled with the amount of work completed in timeframe

Bed and Breakfast clean up Sunshine Coast

This Bed and Breakfast was looking a treat when we finished. A nice make over that makes a real impression on guests

property clean up Sunshine Coast

Nice first impression when clients drive in.