Backyard mowing Sunshine Coast

At Extreme Mowing we do all sorts of mowing jobs – well, not all sorts, but more than most people realise. Here’s the thing….

The Sunshine Coast hinterland is full of acreage blocks. Not all of these blocks would fall under the category of “extreme” but they need mowing nonetheless. And this kind of work is right up our alley.

We have a range of machines, like zero-turns and all terrain and even regular push mowers that are suited to almost any type of backyard. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a regular size suburban backyard or 10 acres. We have the tools and skills to get your property looking in shape.

And we don’t just stop at mowing. We can do brush cutting, weeding, rubbish removal and hedge trimming (Andrew loves hedge trimming). And here’s the best part for you.

Where possible we send in two guys on two machines. This more than halves the time it takes to mow (less inconvenience for you) but it’s also cheaper. Here’s some basic calculations that explains things further:

Standard type of mowing service (1 guy): Hourly charge @ $80 per hour. Time taken: 4 hours. Total cost is $320

Extreme Mowing backyard mowing service (2 guys): Hourly charge @ $120 per hour. Time taken: 2 hours. Total cost is $240

Without even trying and using conservative figures you’re saving $80 at a minimum. To be honest, you may save even more.

Why is it so much quicker? Because two guys work together and cover so much more ground. We have timed this over and over and it always works out that two men are more than twice as fast. It’s just the way it is. It also has something to do with a single guy getting tired and slowing down.

Here’s a nice picture of a backyard we recently completed in Woombye. There’s about 2 acres and job was completed inside 1 hour.


A nice backyard mowing job.

If you have a backyard and you don’t have the right machine for the job, or you’re just sick and tired of doing the work, then please give us, the team at Extreme a call. Our direct line is 0490 045 805 and we can come and arrange a free quote. Chances are Andrew will answer the phone and in almost all cases we can do a same day quote. Call Extreme Mowing today!