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Garden maintenance Landsborough

We had a little garden maintenance job in Landsborough last week. The home owner is looking at renting our her property and wanted to make sure the garden was in tip top shape before the tenants move in. She also wanted to make sure the front yard was going to be low maintenance because it’s…

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Garden Makeover Ilkley

The team have been at it again… This time we’ve been at Ilkley for three days for a complete garden cleanup. Many parts of the property were inaccessible, with the owner saying they haven’t visited certain sections of their yard for nearly 30 years. It’s hard to describe how thick and knarly the growth was.…

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Property Maintenance Eudlo

Andrew and his team were at it again last week, this time with a property maintenance job in Eudlo. The client has an amazing property, but like a lot of busy people, the maintenance had gotten away from them. The main paddock hadn’t been cut in over a year and the place just needed a…

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Property clean up Ilkley

The boys have just completed a nice little job on Wilson Road, Ilkley. The owner, due to some health issues, had let the property get away from him. This is no biggie and we hear this kind of thing all the time. In fact, if your property has become overgrown then why bother with the…

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Small farm mowing @ Eudlo

In the photos below you’ll see some images of a small mowing job we did at a small farm in Eudlo. The paddock was far from overgrown but the owner wanted to get on top of things before the growing season. This is always a great idea, because if you leave it too late then…

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Extreme Mowing

After a few months of getting organised and building our team & fleet we’re good to go. Extreme Mowing is live! We started this business because we love the outdoors and mowing. We’re almost fanatical about mowers, having maintained acreage properties we now know a thing or two about ride-ons and zero turns. And we…

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